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Chick Fil-A Is Giving Out Free Breakfast Every Monday in January - Here's My Recap

I am so sad I found out about these 3 Mondays later. Chick Fil-A is one of my favorite fast food restaurants because their chicken sandwiches are so irresistibly delicious and their hospitality is unmatched. I feel like I'm going to a fine-dining restaurant or something but it's actually Chick Fil-A!




Anyway, apparently Chick Fil-A is doing a campaign for this month of January to make the new 2017 year more delicious by offering a free mystery breakfast to guests EVERY MONDAY in January. I could have gotten this deal starting January 2! But I found out too late. 

There's only 1 Monday left (Jan 30) and I will be making the most of that day to get this freebie!

This past Monday (Jan 23) started off as a rainy morning. The rainy Sunday before that caused me to cuddle up in burrito form and just watch Anime all day long. Didn't want to go anywhere at all and feared the floods outside. My eyes became so sore after watching Black Butler, that Monday morning I just wanted to sleep in. Especially since it was still raining! Unsure of whether or not I should go out or not... to redeem the freebie at Chick Fil-A, I waited until the last minute at 9:15am to think about it. 

I thought about it. The sun was peeking through the stormy clouds. And I mustered enough energy to get out of my bed to head over to Chick Fil-A in time! 

Kevin and I went to the Chick-Fil-A across from the Buena Park Mall near Knotts Berry Farm. We arrived at probably 9:45 am and went through the drive-thru! Asked for the free breakfast deal and just told them that there are 2 people in the car (wonder if I could have lied and said 3 or 4 people... would I get 4 orders?) and got our 2 orders smoothly at the window.

We then parked and thought... would they notice if we went back in? We also forgot to ask for the Chick Fil-A sauce which is totally bomb by the way. 

We went in and noticed that the drive-thru area is sorta isolated from the dine-in cashier area. So... WE ORDERED AGAIN! 

Got 2 more breakfast entrees for free and ate it in the car. #noshame

This location gave the mini chicken biscuit as the free mystery breakfast item. It was very mini and I don't believe it is worth the $4 at all. It's too tiny and too much breading. I'd rather just get their sandwiches!

Other friends of mine went to different locations and got the CFA Sandwich! Waaaaah! That sounds so tasty!

This upcoming Monday Kevin and I will try again! Wonder what we'll get!


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