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With These Sudio Sweden Wireless Earbuds, You Can Feed Your Ears - In Style

I have never owned good earbuds before. I am more of an headphone type of person actually but those are too bulky to carry around all the time. When browsing for some earbuds, I always question the durability and sound quality. On top of that, the inconvenience of the tangles of all the wires makes it so annoying! Oh, and don't even get me started about how the earbuds never fit!

Recently, I was fortunate enough to be gifted these amazing earbuds from Sudio Sweden. Thanks for the hookup πŸ’˜Sudio! I was super excited to open the package because after staring at their selection on their website and seeing how great it looks online, I was ready to see it in real life!

I wasn't disappointed. I felt like just the box itself was so nice and smooth. Something you would receive from the Apple store when buying an iPhone. Those type of boxes. Hah! The website boasted of a quality handmade leather case and plenty of ear size options. Will this fit my ear? How nice is the leather? These questions were answered with an absolute YES! after an intimate touch and feel examination of all the components.

If the gold-colored metal on the earbuds, clip and even leather case isn't any indication that screams classic and chic enough, the pure smooth white color of the accessories should be more than enough to add to your sleek #ootd.

I know it makes me feel as fancy as ever carrying these around and popping them into my ear.

Did I mention that the VASA Bla Sudio Sweden earbuds I got are also bluetooth earbuds? I am very skeptical of bluetooth anything as well because of potential connectivity issues but these earbuds have been working fine so far.

Perhaps they would solve the problem that new iPhone 7 users would have since the people at Apple removed the earjack. Forget the "air buds" from Apple too. Those can fall easily. At least with these Sudio earbuds, you can just hang them around neck and still not have to worry about the messy tangle of wires with traditional earbuds.

So sleek and smooth.

So...I love studying and blogging at coffee shops and a lot of the times the music playing isn't always what I'm diggin`. You know? Luckily Kevin is a student and I can use his student discount Spotify... wooooooo! And! I can wirelessly listen to my dance pop with these earbuds. yaaasss.

Kevin tried on the VASA Bla Earbuds! He actually isn't a fan of these types of earbuds because it makes his ear uncomfortable. Also, his ear size is much smaller so we'd have to change up the sizes. But, unfortunately, these earbuds aren't for him because he doesn't like putting things in his ear and getting his earwax all over it.

For me, it's okay because luckily I have dry earwax so it doesn't really stick onto the earbuds.

Hey Kevin, wanna know what I'm listening to? Look how easy it is for me to just... sliiiiiide this right up in your ear.... hehehe ....

Okay but really though I'm really loving how I don't need to go through hoops to get this off my neck and into his ear. Convenient!

TEHEHEE πŸ’–πŸ’– Feeling like the world is our symphony. (Too corny? xD)

Super stylish and chic, I love these Sudio Earbuds! I actually have a white and gold colored watch and think these would match so well. Can't wait to use these and wear that watch together one day! 

They also have multiple colors aside from white!

It was seriously so difficult to choose which color to get because they all look so classy and and stylish! The hints of gold are just perfect!

It comes in a leather case that is handy for on the go. Won't take much space in your bag and will definitely fit in any pocket. 

Because it's wireless and connected through bluetooth, these earbuds won't get in the way of your movements. Just let it hang around your neck and move as you please! Or even, run

Because it's wireless, it doesn't get messy or tangled and you won't have to worry about it being physically unplugged from your device which is a common issue I have when I move around or toss and turn a lot while using traditional wired earbuds.

Are you a coffeeshop kinda person? No? Well do you love eating and studying? I love going out to boba shops or coffeeshops to study! This one time I went to Ark Coffee in Buena Park and had to quickly set up my spot because it is crowed there! Once settled, I set up my bluetooth connection with my laptop to listen to some good `ole KPOP grooves. After I ordered I put on my earbuds to listen to music and start some work! I was still able to hear my order called though since these earbuds don't block all the sounds (and also because I don't like putting them all the way into my ear). I got up to pick up my matcha latte and could still vibe with Zion T.'s voice the entire way

There was no hassle of needing to take my earbuds off because it's not physically connected to my laptop. There was also no issue with connectivity. Everything was oh so clear. I could hear every word Verbal Jint rapped... (hands up if y'all listen to Korean Hip Hop).

So then I got back to studying and decided that I should probably be listening to vocabulary instead of KPOP.... 😏

A lot of earbuds I see look cheap and feel cheap. These Sudio Sweden earbuds actually feel like quality as advertised. The leather case is cool and the gold accents are a definite plus. The earbuds have a nice silicone - like feel to it. 

I think the sound is surprisingly accurate for such a small thing. It's also very clear. I've been using these a lot lately to listen to Japanese vocabulary and listening practices and haven't had any issues so far.

I also use these to help transcribe music. I listen to a song, hear all the internal makings of the song which includes all the beats and pitches, and write it out on sheet music. So far, it does suffice!

Go ahead and feed your ears with beautiful music while being stylish at the same time. These aren't on the cheap side but you can already tell why. They are around $50 and up. 

No worries though because I've got a discount code! Enter "eatwithhop" for %15 off your purchase!

Setting it up is easy peasy!
  • Just press and hold the center (play/pause) button on the earbud remote until you see the red and blue lights blinking (~ five seconds)
  • Switch on Bluetooth on your device and select “Sudio VASA BLA” and connect!


Check out the chic Sudio Vasa Bla here

Official Website:

Stay Connected with their Instagram: @SudioSweden

Tell me, would you be interested in these? Or, have you ever tried bluetooth earbuds before?

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