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Nitrolado Halloween Flavor Reveal Part 3/3: Trust Me, You'll Be Bacon For More of This Pumpkin Spice

It's that season again. You've probably heard it from everyone. Your friends, your family, and even strangers have probably talked about it. It's Pumpkin Spice season! 

Photo Credit: @ForkToPen

Photo Credit | Nitrolado

Photo Credit | @FoodCrown 

You'll find pumpkin in almost everything from drinks to cookies to chips and even chapstick. Whatt ? Actually I found a funny site that talks about this here.

At Nitrolado, you'll find Pumpkin Spice married with Bacon. I guess you can say the bacon was bacon .. (beggin`...LOL) to get some PSL too. By that I mean some Pumpkin Spice Lovin`....


This is actually my favorite flavor out of the 3 new Halloween treats. The bacon is actually caramelized and is sweet and also very crunchy with bits of sugar crystals (or at least that's what it tasted like). It complements really well with the Pumpkin Spice flavor which reminds me of the Starbucks PSL drink. So much yaaaaas ! Not only is there bacon on top but there is also bacon mixed inside so every bite, you'll surely be "bacon" for another! *screams in happiness* 

If you love bacon I absolutely recommend this flavor!

Also, don't forget about the Halloween specials! 

Get it? Supernatural.... ado? ^_______^  It comes in a clear cup with an LED light to guide your way through the creepy darkness. There is also dry ice provided to give eerie fog effect. Or maybe your ice cream is just vaping...? This is available Oct. 24 until Halloween starting at 7pm errrday

Get in the spirit. Dress up this Halloween weekend (Oct. 28 - Oct. 30) and get anything on the menu for buy 1 get 1 50% off!

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Check out the other 2 flavors available only this October:

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