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This little gem just recently opened for about a month! I'm so glad fellow foodie @OCFoodFiend told me about this place! It's such a great find and all the teas here are brewed fresh to order! You can even smell it before deciding!

The tea in the photo below is the Rose Fruit Tea in Milk Tea form. It also has chopped mini apple bits too! So yum! It's not recommended as a milk tea though because since it's an herbal based tea, the milk overpowers the actual tea flavor. If you want it with milk like me, it tastes almost exactly like you're drinking cereal milk!

This place is huuuuuge! Great study spot and there are SO MANY OUTLETS! Great for working so feel free to bring your laptop here! There is free wi-fi too!

  This tea shop provides such home-y and comfy sofas!

Some of the teas you can smell!

Woo! You can adjust the sweetness here!

  Highlong Mountain Tea on the right. Rose Fruit Tea Milk Tea on the left!

Wow! What a gem! Bloomz Tea is so spacious and huge! It has a nice and comfortably vibe that is great for studying, working or just chilling with your friends over some freshly brewed tea!

The store has only been open for a month now but it looks very promising!

One of my first thoughts when I visited was that this place reminded me a lot of Turtle Tea (also in Westminster) because the concept is pretty similar. You can choose what teas you want. If you can't decide you can smell the tea leaves before buying! The staff seem very knowledgeable about each teas and whether or not it would better with milk or by itself. Sweetness level can be adjusted here! Also, they brew it fresh to order so you know your drink is going to be legit!

Prices are decent. They range from about $3 to $5 bucks. The store also offers a variety of add-ons such as boba and jellies!

The size is huge too! Actually, I was surprised because I didn't specifiy a regular or large but the default was so big already. It's a tall cup! The straw is so tall too... They also have those big short and fat cups like.. half and half ?

I'm definitely gonna make another visit to BLOOMZ again and try their other teas! I just love how vibrant and spacious the store is! Their customer service is friendly and nice but best of all, the tea is freshly brewed!

8532 Westminster Blvd
Westminster, CA 92683
**Same plaza as Stater Bros on the intersection of Newland and Westminster!

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