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If you come to the restaurant and they need verification for the deal, JUST SHOW THEM THIS PHOTO BELOW!

Oxtail Fries are originally $4. But they've got a deal going on until February 25th! Oxtail fries are now only $2 everyday! Woo! They're pretty good too!

Nudo Nudo is a pho restaurant located in the heart of Little Saigon. It's on Bolsa street which is of course full of other pho competitors.

I've given this place 3 tries now. Here's how they went:

  1. First times I ordered pho and oxtail fries. Pho came first. Oxtail fries never came until I had to remind the staff.
  2. My 2nd time they completely forgot the oxtail fries and I was just over it. As I proceeded to the cash register to pay, they charged me for the fries. I had to remind them once again, that I never got it. It took them awhile to confirm with the other staff members and finally take it off my bill.
  3. 3rd time I came I only ordered oxtail fries. My friends and I ordered one each which was 3 orders total. The order came one by one. I don't get it. It's the same exact order. Do they have to portion it one by one? Why not portion 3 total and divide it out later. I don't know how it works in the kitchen but obviously the first two were already getting cold.
Overall, the pho is alright.  The drinks are yummy but have 2/3 ice. Orange mist is my fave. They used to take card but now they only take cash. 

This place is worth it for the oxtail fries. Especially since it's $2, why not?!

Here's the address:
 9393 Bolsa Ave, Westminster, CA 92683
**In the same plaza as Tasty Garden.

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