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Last year, I went to Yogurtland with a good friend of mine who didn't mind waiting for free yogurt! We were actually veterans of this celebration so this time, we were ready to go for the biggest swirl. Or, atleast, we thought so. 

After waiting in line for about 30 minutes behind many many other UC Riverside students, it was our turn to show off to everyone our skills! 

But, we did poorly. Worst than expected. 

My green tea swirl was tall and pointy but left no room for unlimited free toppings. The chocolate swirl was chubby and short but at least some toppings were able to stay. 

Maybe this year, I'll do better!

It's that time of year again! FREE YOGURTLAND! I've been getting getting free yogurt on this day for the past 3 years and I can honestly say I've become an expert at swirling strategically to get the most out of my free cup!

Yogurtland is at it again this year for National Frozen Yogurt Day! On February 8th from 4pm - 7pm at all participating locations, get a free cup of yogurt and free toppings

To see how amazing my swirl was a few years back, visit this blog post:

I've seen people do crazy swirls. Some leave a hole in the middle to fit all the toppings. Some swirls are so high that it seems like it would fall!

Keep in mind that the cup Yogurtland gives you will be smaller than the usual cup. But it's more than enough for you to enjoy your free yogurt, especially if you get a ton of yogurt! Toppings are all free. And you get a limited edition Hershey's spoon!

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  1. Wow, this yogurt looks great. I can't help my mouth watering. I will someday, visit Yogurtland and have some fun. Thanks.

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    1. YESSSS! You should! It's a great self-serve concept!