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10162 Chapman Ave, Garden Grove, CA 92840
(connected to a Hair Salon and located in the intersection of Chapman and Brookhurst)

This place is bomb if you want to get a haircut AND drink an organic smoothie at the same time. This place is connected to a hair salon! I think they are moving locations though because I see another Juice Station nearby that could potentially be it's new location.

I love how this place is sooooooo near my house! It's right on the intersection of Brookhurst and Chapman and is located near neighborhood homes. If I lived in those neighborhoods, I could literally walk to the store and get a daily fix of organic goodness. How convenient! However, I don't live that close but still close enough that I could probably bike or get there in 5 minutes by car.

This place is chill and provides many magazines for you to browse while waiting for your drink to be made. It's probably because half of the place is a hair salon so that's why there are so many magazines... The guy that makes your drinks is friendly too and doesn't mind giving suggestions for your first time!

I got THE BRO (4.75 for small) which includes spinach, kale, green apple, and orange! I was a bit afraid because I usually don't like the taste of drinks that are "too healthy" but this was surprisingly good! It tasted more like oranges and was sweet! Wow! I finished that thing sooooooo fast too!

They have many other selections too like Thai Tea, Vietnamese Coffee, and Fruit Smoothies. I really like how they use those typical boba lids where you poke it with a straw! Neat-o!

I recommend this place after a good workout at Chuze Fitness because they are so close to each other! I also think this place is great if you are in the area but it is DEFINITELY NOT a place that you need to go out of your way for to try.

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