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2327 Main St, Santa Monica, CA 90405
(310) 314-7040
(it's hard to find parking on this street, so neighborhood parking is the best (and free)!)


(This is an old re-post from my blog)

Salmon Nicoise Tarragon Salad This salad was pretty huge actually and the salmon tasted fresh. I was craving salmon so I ordered this! Lisa didn't want any and I was surprised that I couldn't finish the salad by myself. Overall though, I thought it was a bit expensive for what it was. I don't really remember the price but I do remember it was around $10 or more. (??)

Spanish Latte:  I should have gotten this! This is one of their popular lattes and it had a very unique taste. Nothing I've tasted before. I'll probably order this next time! My friend Lisa got it and she loved it!

Matcha Latte: Their latte art game is on point with this one. I got a nice crane or swan or whatever it was in my drink and the flavor of the matcha itself is strong. Like pretty close to the legit taste so if you are a true matcha fan, the matcha latte will surely not disappoint. And the latte art is just too freakin awesome. It was so cool I didn't want to ruin it by drinking it ^__^

Thai Red Tea Slush with Boba:  I ordered a Thai Red Tea blended ice drink with boba. I absolutely loved this drink from the Japanese location (Daikanyama in Shibuya) and expected it to be the same.
It was maybe a bit different from the one in Japan but the taste is definitely something different from the other boba places around. Maybe it's because it's a fusion of Thai Tea and Red (rooz??) Tea so it tasted like an Herbal version of Thai tea. The BOBA was super soft and chewy just the way I like it!

The first time that I ever heard of Urth Caffe was from my UC friends in Japan during my study abroad. It was claimed as "the best boba place in LA" which is a pretty strong claim in my opinion because there are just too many boba places in Los Angeles and Orange County to compare to! I really wanted to try it after I heard about it and found out that there is actually an Urth Caffe located in Japan! Thus, I went to Daikanyama (Shibuya) in Japan and went to Urth Caffe for my very first time, in Japan.

It was an awesome experience because of the friends that I came with and the food. I'll post about it in another post!

But because of those memories, I had a lot of expectations when I visited the Santa Monica Location with my friend Lisa (reunited from Japan!). I was surprised though that actually it was very similar and the menu was almost almost exactly the same (though with a few apparent differences).

To sum it up:

  • This is a self-seating place. You order first and then you get a number and put it on whichever seat you choose. They have nice outdoor seating but also indoor seating too. There is also a To-Go line as well!
  • I came here mostly for the latte art (but in Japan I came for the Boba because it was the best boba place in Japan.)
  • They do offer various foods too but it's a bit pricey (around $10 and up)
  • The boba is legit
  • The Thai Red Tea latte is a must try!
  • Matcha Latte has a strong matcha taste. get itttt
  • Spanish Latte is popular
  • Their latte art is aamaaazing!

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