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152 N Glassell St, Orange, CA 92866
(Located in Old Towne Orange)
(714) 538-5338
(Parking will suck so be warned! You can park in the public parking areas but there is a 1 hour limit or you can find a neighborhood that has no time limit and park on the neighborhood street)

I finally tried this place with my friend Christina!

I really love Old Towne Orange since it holds a lot of my childhood memories. I grew up in that neighborhood and often visited Old Towne Orange and the library nearby! So going down to get some Acai and Pitaya bowls and passing by the neighborhoods here made me feel all nostalgic!

Growl Juice Pub is actually quite a small store. The vibe screaaaaamed organic hipster everything though. Especially, with the complimentary "detoxing" water that they provided which was filled with all kinds of fruits and mint leaves. It tasted refreshing and healthy though because I tried it!

They have limited seating inside and outside but most people take their order to-go anyways. A plus though, is that they provide Free Wi-Fi! Yay! Who doesn't love free internet!

The menu really overwhelmed me with foreign sounding seeds and fruits and various other add-ons but the worker there was friendly and kind enough to help sort out every confusion. I finally decided on getting the Pitaya Circle Sunrise which was $9. My friend got the Rio Riser for $8.50 (since she doesn't like coconut shreds and it was the only thing on the menu that lacked coconut shreds as a topping). The prices are expensive. Almost $10 bucks for basically blended fruit + acai and fruit toppings. I think that's a bit ridiculous don't you think? At least they served it in a ginormous 32oz. cup though so it is pretty cheap and worth it if you're going to split the price and share with people! I honestly couldn't finish mine because it was just way too much for little me. 32oz of blended Pitaya + fruit was just too much for me to finish all by myself. Because it was too much, I started to get sick of eating it and just ended up eating all the granola (the granola is so good) and threw the rest away (sorry growl!).

Aside from the bowls (they were actually in transparent 32oz cups), we also sampled the juices that they sell. Wow! The worker asked if we were first-timers and of course we answered yes (because it really was our first time...) and bingo! This place is generous enough to let you sample the juices! The juices here taste very fresh and healthy. I liked all of them. I would totally buy them if I had the $__$. Their almond milk is freakin legit as well. They soak the almonds overnight and then add some soymilk to it. That's pretty sickkk. They also have a deal on the juices. I believe it was buy 6 get one free or something like that.

To sum it up:

  1. the acai and pitaya here are legit. They taste so soo good especially on a hot day
  2. but....this place is too expensive
  3. It's delicious but worth it if I was going to share it since it's $9 for acai/pitaya bowls
  4. the portion is gigantic: 32oz cups
  5. the granola is really yummy. I think they are using the organic hemp granola brand which is what the place I used to work at uses (I was so addicted to eating it at work all the time)
  6. they are too cheap on the fruit toppings in my opinion
  7. I saw them make it and they are using the acai powder to blend with the fruits, then they top it off with fruit and other various toppings
  8. I probably will not go back here because I think it's too expensive. Why do they only have one size?!

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