*Updated September 12, 2016.

  1. Why did you start this blog?
    • I started this blog because I wanted to organize all of my photos that I take whenever I go out to eat. I'm always taking photos and I decided to finally share them to the world. Many of my friends also often ask me for suggestions on where to go eat or drink so I thought this blog could be a more organized answer for that. I've also been recently taking many of my international friends to eat and try all sorts of places with positive feedback. Maybe this could be a stepping stone to something like a guide about "cool places to eat at" for not only my international friends, but for the international public. 
  2. Do you eat out everyday for the sake of this blog?
    • Oh my goodness of course not! If I really did do that then I would probably spend all my life savings and gain too much weight. Because I already have a lot of past photos from my eating adventures, I try to include those and write as much and as accurately as I can from my memory. But, to be honest, I do go out to eat a lot. Just not everyday and definitely not for the sake of the blog. I just love trying new places! That's all! ^__^
  3. What do you use to take your photos and how do you take them? 
    • I use my Galaxy Note 3 phone's camera to take most of my pictures. Sometimes though, I wanna be all professional and have good looking pictures (also when I'm not lazy to lug a heavy camera) I use my Nikon D3200 DSLR camera. Honestly, it is super awkward when I go to a restaurant and take a million photos. I'm always thinking to myself, "Maybe one day, these restaurants will be the one asking ME to take their photos," but that's just a dream of mine. It is even more awkward when the restaurant that I go to is super popular and there are so many people I want to avoid photobombing my photos. When the restaurant is not crowded, I usually will ask the workers if it is okay for me to go crazy with photo-taking!
    • Update Sept. 2016: Nowadays I also use my boyfriend's phone (Samsung S7) because my Galaxy Note 3 phone is getting too old and I've dropped it so much that the photo quality has become horrible.
  4. Who can "Eat With Hop"?
    • If you personally know me then you can for sure join me on my food travels! I love going on adventures with my beloved friends and trying new things! 
    • I welcome all of you, my wonderful Taste Buds to join me on my adventures! If you ever see me in person IRL then don't hesitate to say hello and talk foodie to me!
  5. What do you want to gain from this blog?
    • I want to be able to help readers discover new things. While studying abroad, I relied on many blogs that were written in English to introduce me to new places in Korea and Japan. Being able to understand from a foreign perspective after reading various blogs and to understand the language, I was able to find exciting new places during my time abroad. I want to help my international friends now when they travel to California by being able to read about restaurants in their own language so that it can help them decide where to go eat and travel! 
    • I am currently working on projects beyond the blog that actually stemmed from the blog itself such as marketing, social media consulting and event organizing. I am so excited that I have the opportunities to do these type of jobs ever since I started blogging. I have learned so much and would love to share it with everyone!
  6. Do you get special discounts for blogging about the restaurants?
    • Oh boy I sure wish that I did! I just blog for fun and if I did get any special discounts out of it then that would be pretty freeakin awesome. However, I don't mind supporting restaurants and businesses and writing about them. And even if I do get special discounts then I can promise you guys that my opinion will not be swayed!
    • Okay, so fast forward to Summer 2016! I am fortunate enough that my blog and social media outlets have become slightly more popular and I have gained attention from restaurants and foodies! Because of this, I have had wonderful opportunities to live my childhood dream of being a food critic! I have had the pleasure of being able to review restaurants and food products! I must further emphasize to y'all though that no matter what, I will stay true to my opinions and won't lead you astray. Since I personally hate it when other promoters or bloggers aren't honest (and then I'd have to unfollow..what a shame because I can't trust their reviews any longer) I won't be doing the same to you all!
  7. Where have you traveled to before?
    • I have had the privilege of traveling to and eating delicious food from Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Canada, Mexico, and the East Coast of U.S. I also recently went traveled to New York for the first time this year in spring of 2016!
  8. Do you consider yourself to be a professional food critic?
    • Definitely not. I don't consider my taste palette to be godly enough to be a professional food critic. I just give my 2 cents on what I like and what I don't like and hope that it helps my fellow hungry readers on deciding what they choose for their next meal!
  9. What is your favorite type of food?
    • This is definitely a difficult question to answer. I'd have to say that I love all types of food and am very open to trying anything. But if you really want an answer, I definitely have to go with Dessert. That's my all time favorite type of food!

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