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So Matcha To Enjoy! @ Matcha Cafe Maiko - Garden Grove

The very first Matcha Cafe Maiko to open in Orange County is right here in Garden Grove! WOW! Matcha Cafe Maiko is a famous matcha-focused dessert franchise from Hawaii! They have a wide variety of matcha-infused desserts including shaved ice, lattes, soft serve, parfaits, and more!

Each location is franchised by different owners, so not all stores will have the same menu. Currently, the Garden Grove location is the only location in Orange County / Los Angeles to offer Hojicha Soft Serve Ice Cream! And also tons of boba drink options!

I am so happy there is a Matcha Cafe Maiko located in Garden Grove! A MATCHA FOCUSED DESSERT SHOP IN MY HOMETOWN?! Yassssss! I. AM. THERE!


(pro tip: add matcha soft serve ice cream into the matcha brown sugar boba milk to make it a boba float! yum!)

My two fave drinks from Matcha Cafe Maiko (aside from the Hojicha and Matcha Lattes) are Matcha Brown Sugar Boba Milk and Honeydew Slush! Highly recommend! So refreshing!

Here is their matcha menu! They have shaved ice desserts, REAL GOLD, lattes, drinks, ice cream, parfaits and more!  This location also sells boba drinks! I've tried their matcha cloud, strawberry cloud (both are pretty good but I prefer OMOMO's versions more (@omomoteashoppe in Irvine / Chino Hills) and matcha brown sugar boba milk. 

My fave drink by far so far though, is their honeydew slush. Kevin and I order that on the regular since they use all natural honeydew in their smoothie and it is just so refreshing for in the California heat!

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When my hair was still in it's natural color... wow! This is a throwback! I visited Matcha Cafe Maiko Garden Grove during it's soft opening and got a sneak preview before it grand opened! The matcha and hojicha soft serve ice cream were amazing and flavorful at the time. It was strong just the way I like it and not too icy (it was icy but not as much as the old Mr. Matcha style). 

However, I heard feedback from other customers who went after the store opened for awhile that the soft serve ice cream was very grainy/powdery in texture and too icy. I did visit again and noticed this was true. It was quite different from my initial visit. 

But you know what I noticed? Even on the main Matcha Cafe Maiko Instagram (from Hawaii), the photos reveal an icy textured soft serve ice cream. I wonder, is it because the original location serves it this way? Hawaii is known for shaved ice and such too. 

But the people in this area do prefer a softer, creamier texture, as do I. Kevin prefers stronger, icy texture (and also because he's lactose intolerant LOL). 

Anyway, the people have spoken and the store has listened! I went back recently and woooooow the soft serve is so creamy and soft in texture. VERY GOOD for those who prefer this style. I still enjoy it very much. 

Check out their drink menu! They have so many choices! What would you order!?

Wow, I think I like the hojicha latte more than the matcha latte. It's rare to find this around anywhere and the hojicha latte here was very flavorful!

We got the matcha tea and matcha latte drink! Both were superb. I loooooooooove!

Here is Kevin, holding his baby melon. LOL

Yummmmm...real fresh honeydew fruit with matcha and hojicha ice cream swirl! This was pure heaven! Unfortunately, they didn't have any metal spoons at the time so it was quite difficult to eat the actual honeydew. It was hard to carve out slices or pieces of honeydew fruit with a plastic spoon. Using a boba straw worked much better LOL. In its entirety, this dessert is recommended to be shared! I was already quite full from the ice cream itself and when it got to the fruit part, I couldn't finish it even if I wanted to all by myself.  

I really like how Matcha Cafe Maiko Garden Grove added this to the menu though! I recently had it a few weeks prior to this visit in Japan nearby Kyoto! It was an amazing experience there and having it here in Garden Grove brought me back to fond memories. 

Have you visited this dessert shop before? 

Are you a matcha fan?

Matcha have been growing in popularity over the years and more dessert shops dedicated to matcha are opening in Orange County. As a matcha fan myself, I also enjoy Mr. Matcha, Meccha Matcha, and Matcha Love in addition to Matcha Cafe Maiko! Where is your fave!?

Matcha Cafe Maiko Garden Grove Address:
9738 W Garden Grove Blvd

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