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All The Merry Eats and Adventures @ Knott's Merry Farm

Tis the season y'all! It's that time of the year where I feel extra festive about all the holiday music and treats! Just thinking about all the fun festivities to be had makes me fee better about the darkness that arrives too early these days. Seriously, it becomes dark around 5pm these days and that makes me feel like the day is over.

But not when you're at an amusement park. The day never ends (or at least I never want it to) and even when it's dark, the night is always young!

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend Knott's Merry Farm as a media guest with my boyfriend Kevin (@eatingwithhop) and wonderful friends Danny (@eatingwitheatingwithhop) and Candice (@hungrywithcans) to experience all the merry fun!
Photo Credit | Knotts Merry Farm

Knott's Berry Farm's Christmas celebration party is called Knott's Merry Farm! I love how they change their names accordingly to all the seasons... it's so clever! Example: Knott's Scary Farm... Knott's Berry Farm... Merry Farm... Etc... SO CLEVER!

Knott's Merry Farm is currently happening right now from November 17, 2017 to January 7, 2018. Ticket's aren't that expensive either at just $49 for the day when you buy online! (Tip: always buy online. It's always cheaper! At the door it's $79!)

Make sure to get to the park a few minutes before 10 am so you can figure out the parking situation ($18). For some reason I always end up parking at the South Gate parking lot because it isn't so crowded and is directly connected to the park which means no need to walk across from anywhere. I also like the South Gate because it's easy to find, enter and exit.

If you wanna make the most of your experience, always go early to beat the lines! One time, I went a half hour after the park already opened and the lines to just enter was ridiculous! Took almost 30 minutes!

But it may depend on the day too. When I went with my friends last week on Sunday around 12:30 pm, the lines were short and the park wasn't too crowded. Twas a good day, a very good day indeed!

For media, we each received complimentary tasting cards to try out some food inside Santa'a Christmas Cabin! Which is also where you can take a pic with Santa!

I was most intrigued by the cheesecake on the stick and most excited for the tamales! YUM!

The first thing we did when we got there was... of course... EAT! You know what us foodies gotta do!

We each got our own tamale. I chose chicken and it was one of the best decisions that day. Usually I'm skeptical of getting beef because I'm afraid the meat might be chewy or not tender enough, maybe even hard. But chicken is always a great choice for tamales!

BEEF / CHICKEN TAMALES | 2 FOR $6  *Recommend!
Yo. I wasn't sure what to expect from Knott's, but shout out to the chef! These chicken tamales were so meaty. The inside was fresh and hot and you can see the steam burst into the air when you open it up. The chicken meat itself was so tender and soft. You can pick at it with the fork and it would separate so easily in strips. The outer layer (corn dough part) was also yummy! I think the price is fair too because considering being in an amusement park... this is some affordable food!

Don't get the beef though. I forgot who got the beef, but that person didn't like it. Was it Danny... hmm

//update// It was Danny that got the beef tamale! He apparently "had no beef with it" but someone else tried it and didn't like it.

We also got to check out Spurs Chop House and taste some festive Christmas themed food too!

There were so many cheesecakes!

And there was kettle corn in red and green!

Do you see Candice peeking from under the table? LOL

The table was also filled with endless pumpkin pies!

And then the famous boysenberry pie!

I am not gonna lie, I ate a bit too many chicken tenders. But Danny... oh my gosh... he ate way too many chicken tenders. So much... that we weren't able to go on many "extreme" rides LOL. Don't wanna throw up all that chicken ....

If I remember correctly, Danny probably ate around 50 chicken tenders because they were just thaaaaaat good. So good that we forgot to get sauce to dip it in until maybe the 5th chicken tender... T_T LOL!

The boysenberry pie was delicious! It's a bit overwhelming though because there is so much boysenberry in it and it's really sweet, but I loved it! Kevin thought it was just aiiiight though because boysenberry is a strong flavor for him.

But if you love boysenberry... GO FOR IT! It's quite good!

The kettle corn was so festive I had to take a pic with it! I really wanted to try some... but I didn't. o___o. Why. Didn't. I. Try. It! #ragretttts

But I did try the hot chocolate! In fact, I am obsessed with hot chocolate during winter time! It's all I ever wanna drink all day long tucked under a nice cozy blanket....

I had high hopes for the Knott's Merry Farm Peppermint Hot Chocolate loaded with Marshmallows but it was a bit lacking for me. I loved the top just to eat like candy, but I am not a fan of hot chocolate made with water. It wasn't bad, but it isn't something I would get again.

I cannot tell you enough about all my regrets. I regret not eating more. I should have strategized better so that I could have eaten more variety of things. I blame those darn chicken tenders.... I ate too much of those... when I wish I ate more mac n cheese! In this mac n cheese bowl! Yummmm...

Another regret: Why didn't I eat more beef stew in the bread bowl. BECAUSE THIS WAS DELICIOUS ALSO!

It was "knott's"... so bad spending time with Kevin, being all merry in our matching Gudetama Xmas sweaters and all.... <3 tehehe

btw... did you see what I did there? the pun? The "Knott's" pun...?!?!

All aboard the Knott's Berry Farm wagon with Candice (@hungrywithcans)! Let's start our adventure!

The log ride is super fun. Thank goodness I didn't get that wet! But it was a hot day so I would have dried off easily anyway!

TIP: When riding water rides such as THE TIMBER MOUNTAIN LOG RIDE and THE BIGFOOT RAPIDS you will definitely get wet. Don't even try to dodge the water, because you can't.

What you can do is wear clothes you don't care too much about getting wet and dirty! Also, go on these rides in the daytime when the sun is out so you can dry!

Feeling happy I got to go on one of my favorite rides: Jaguar!
Honestly, I am scared of roller coasters that go upside down or have loops so Jaguar is known to many as a "kiddie" ride. But I love it!


Anyone ready to d-d-d-duel !?

I don't normally watch shows at amusement parks since I want to go on all the rides as possible, but we all decided to go watch Snoopy On Ice as a great way to relax our feet. And we were tired too from all the eating...

Photo Credit | Knotts Merry Farm
 If there's one show you should watch, it's this one. I am not too familiar with Snoopy but watching professional actors and figure skaters gliding around effortlessly was so spectacular. This show was nothing short of amazing! The ending totally blew me away (spoiler: there are real doves!). You gotta check out Snoopy On Ice if you have the chance!

I especially applaud all the performers and the show itself for being very punctual and on time. The way they usher in the audience and start / end show is to the tee with timing which makes it all easier for us to plan out where and when to go eat / ride afterwards!

TIP: Go there 30 minutes early to be seated! The lines do get long!

Photo Credit | Knotts Merry Farm

Photo Credit | Knotts Merry Farm

Cheesecake on a stick - dipped in chocolate from a chocolate fountain. THIS IS NUTS! It was actually yummy and thick and cheesecake-y (lol I need to go back to English class. These descriptions though... but ya know what I mean?!?) but at the same time overwhelming for one person. I'd recommend this to be shared with at least another person! It's heavy stuff!

Kevin and I were only able to eat a few bites because we were too full from the other food T___T. 

Make sure to wait for the cookies that are fresh out of the oven because those were so ooey gooey soft and warm! Perfect with some milk! You can get this at the "Santa's Milk and Cookies" booth for just $2.50 which comes with your choice of macadamia nut or chocolate chip cookie with either nonfat, 2% or whole fat milk!

*Recommend - Boysenberry Nutella Crepes! | $3.99
Yea, these were good too and affordable! I couldn't stop eating it even though I admit the ones I had at Knott's boysenberry festival were better (somehow). But these, these crepes are made freshly in front of you, assembled freshly and so good! You can either get boysenberry + nutella combined, or just one or the other!

Warm roasted nuts are the way to go when you want some crunchy sugar crystals to hype up your energy. But, it's healthy, right? Because underneath all the crystals are nuts! You can either get cashews or almonds. We recommend the cashews though because it was crunchier while the almonds had a weird mushy texture.

Posing for the mistletoe booth!

Shout out to Anne Marie (@brekkiefan) of OC Weekly for helping me find the mistletoe spot!

I love the Christmas backdrops! It was fun to have our own special photoshoot by the Camp Snoopy area of the park!

So sad. Danny has no customers at his mistletoe booth... haha

smooches under the mistletoe <3

What a great day spent at Knott's Merry Farm!

Why y'all should head on over to Knott's Merry Farm!
  • food is affordable, surprisingly, for an amusement park!
  • there is "snowfall" at night and in the shows!
  • make it a date with your significant other or just family fun day!
  • prove your bravery by going on the extreme roller coasters! 
    • Can you handle Supreme Scream!? 
    • What about Ghost Rider!?
  • enjoy all the Christmas carols and shows
  • try all the Christmas themed food!
  • because it's just a fun and merry place to be ^___^! 

My Favorite Attractions:
  • Blacksmith Shop
    • I love going to the Blacksmith Shop just to watch the blacksmith create things by forging metal with the fire! The sight truly takes me back in time and I feel like I'm in the medieval world.
  • Ghost Rider
    • my favorite ride! I know many people don't like it because it's rickety-rockety but this ride is nostalgic for me since it's the first ever ride I went on, ever, at Knott's! It's painful but ... FUN! And lasts a long time!
  • Jaguar
    • I'm a chicken, so this ride is perfect for me (Surprised I like Ghost Rider though). It's not too scary yet very thrilling
  • Pony Express
    • whoa! This is my new fave now! I went on it for the first time and it is super fast!
    • You're basically riding on a horse! The ride is so fast I couldn't even process the entire thing
  • Timber Mountain Log Ride
    • this is just a classic. I love log rides at any amusement park! This is fun because the ride itself last a long time and there is a steep drop at the end! You will get wet!
  • Silver Bullet
    • I went on this once. But I remember liking it. I felt so brave for actually riding it because it took a lot of convincing. Your feet dangle in the air! OMG! And there is a big loop! Wahhh. But I recommend it!
  • Boomerang
    • I miss this ride! I went on it for the first and last time in April during the Boysenberry Festival. 
    • It also took a lot of convincing because it seemed too scary for me at first. But it was super fun and not that bad at all! I'm sad it's gone!
  • Snoopy On Ice! Show
    • Great show to watch and relax to
    • There is snow falling at the start and end of the show! 
    • The talented performers are amazing and do many awesome figure skating tricks!

Visit Knott's Merry Farm
The limited time Christmas celebration for all ages begins November 17, 2017 and continues through January 7, 2018.

One-Day Tickets:
Online: $49
At the gate: $79

2018 Season Passes are now available too!
*Buy it now and use it any day in 2017 for free. There are no blackout days, get early access to select rides in the summer, and exclusive discounts!

Price: Starts at $92 with monthly payments at $15.33.

Parking: $18

Check out Knott's Merry Farm on social media:

Address: (La Palma / Beach Blvd)
8039 Beach Blvd, Buena Park, CA 90620


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