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Giveaway | Set Yourself Free And Just Paint Your Heart Out

I love painting. I love creating art. And I love being creative. But oftentimes I am just too caught up in my work or being too busy to do anything creative. I remember back when I was younger, I had more free time to create art. I used to practice drawing and tracing various things like Pokemon, cartoons, and even cars (lol! Import car posters were everywhere in my friend’s room). And I absolutely love origami! In fact, I have quite a few origami tutorial books that has collected dust. I also loved watercolor painting and even sewing and crafts. I was cleaning out my closet the other day and found some old shirts and sweaters that I sewed on my very own (self-taught). Oh… and it had “hop inc.” all over it LOL Oh… my younger days… when I had more free time.

Note: I was invited to paint as a media guest at Pinot’s Palette Brea location. No worries though, all opinions are solely my own and won’t be swayed by the delicious Ghirardelli chocolate I got at the end of the session…

Nowadays, being able to just relax and just let my mind loose to create art is such a treasure! But the sad thing is, when I tried to give myself time to create, my mind becomes blank. The pencil wouldn’t even sketch even if someone forced it to because somehow, my inspiration and thoughts just disappear.

I used to create so much. And now I just…. am stumped.

Does anyone else feel this way? I’m sure there must be someone that can relate!

I think this is why businesses that teach painting and craft-making for adults have become so popular. Some even include wine and food too, so why not?

I’ve been seeing Pinot’s Palette stores popping up and have always wanted to try. Paint my own masterpiece? Well… it’s time to show the world how beautifully I can paint! I hope…

The gallery of artwork!

yummmm fresh bread!

Brie Cheese! So good!

it's like adult lunchables up in here

Pinot’s Palette is sort of like a painting studio that offers workshops and also has a bar with a curated selection of wine and champagne! They even provide complimentary refreshments too such as a cheese and meats table and fruit! Get rewarded with chocolates after the hard work too. Different styles of art are taught by an instructor but the results are one of a kind. Everyone gets to take their own canvas home and frames are optional for an additional price.

I recently visited with Kevin to the Downtown Brea location of Pinot’s Palette. Met the super nice owner, Lucia, and had a blast learning how to draw a sort of … abstract portrait painting from the instructor that day.

Everyone first got seated and was given their own canvas, apron, and palette of colors. Kevin and I had the option to choose mimosas but we opted for sparkly lemonade instead (we don’t drink alcohol).

The instructor showed us the artwork we would be learning to paint, and then started giving us the initial instructions.

I’m a bit stiff, I’d have to admit. I’ve always been such a perfectionist since I was little that I eventually became too stiff to just let the paintbrush flow naturally. And thinking about it too much just makes me mess up. While painting, I kept having to remind myself to not overthink it.

Just let it brush against the canvas! Don’t calculate. Just let loose.

And you know what, I think throughout the session I became better at this. But I actually did mess up a little but accepted it. This is supposed to be a relaxing activity! Not a tense one!

Kevin on the other hand, didn’t follow the rules. The instructor suggested to use a dark red color. He used a soft pink. The instructor suggested to add blush onto the lady we were painting. Kevin prefers natural beauty. So no blush or anything.

You can really see the reflection of our personalities from the paintings. And that’s why I love art. It’s always one-of-a-kind and that’s what makes it so special.

I would really like to attend more painting sessions like this, because even if I have to force myself to relax, spending time to just chill is always a good thing. And hopefully, I can revive that spark of creativity I once had when I was little.

It's the perfect date activity! I had a wonderful time painting with Kevin!

Pinot’s Palette has many locations throughout and always has fun and exciting painting sessions of different styles! 

Address to the Pinot's Palette Brea Studio:
110 W Birch St, Suite 1
Brea, California, CA 92821


I have a special collaboration with the Downtown Brea Pinot’s Palette location that I would like to extend to y’all, my beloved Taste Buds! When y’all are too caught up in the latest food trend or doing it for the `gram, don’t forget to appreciate the little things in life. Release the creative spark within yourself. And also, remember to set your mind free and just relax. Painting can help! So I am doing a special giveaway to gift one Taste Bud a pair of tickets to paint for free at Pinot’s Palette Brea! 

Prize: A pair of tickets to enjoy a free painting session at Pinot’s Palette (Downtown Brea location only). One (1) winner will be chosen!

How to enter:
1. (Required) Comment below this post answering these two questions:
  • Question 1: Have you ever heard of Pinot’s Palette before?
  • Question 2: What is your favorite creative thing to do? (Ceramics? Crafts? Sewing? Drawing? Painting? Etc.)

2. (Optional) Spread the word! Share this post! Let your friends know! Tell them to enter so if they win, you win! (Unless they invite someone else as their plus 1…)

3. (Optional) Connect with Pinot’s Palette Brea on Social Media:

4. (Optional) Connect with the Eat With Hop! Blog:

*Note: By entering the giveaway, all participants agree to be subscribed on the weekly Eat With Hop! Newsletter. Don't worry, I won't spam! And y'all can unsubscribe anytime!

Giveaway ends July 31, 2017. 
One (1) winner will be emailed during the first week of August (check spam inbox!). 

Good luck Taste Buds! And as always, thank you so much for your support thus far! It means the world to me!

<3 Hop

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