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Build-Your-Own Acai Bowls With Unlimited Toppings? & Matcha? Only at Blue Bowl!

I think I just found my new favorite place for acai bowls! And it's not their acai blend I like... it's their MATCHA BLEND! Where are my matcha lovers at?! Try it out at BLUE BOWL located in Orange!

Instead of an acai base, I ordered matcha only base! It is soooooooooOOooOoo DELICIOUS AND I AM SERIOUSLY HOOKED!

Here is a photo of their different size options!

Here is a photo of their menu!

Pricing for their bowls:
12 oz $7
16 oz $9
24 oz $13

They also have kombucha and cold brew coffees!

I love how their toppings station is very clean and well-presented! And their spoons or scoopers reminds me of a zen garden for some reason... haha

 Plenty of toppings to choose from!

unfortunately, they close so early! They close at 4pm ?!?! Why!

They let you sample the bases and toppings if it's your first time! How awesome is that? I dragged along Kevin and his brother to come with me to try this spot! To be honest I am not an acai bowl ... addict as I was a few years ago when there was a "boom" or fad of acai bowl shops. I tried so many places those times...

Anyway, basically the only thing that caught my interest is the fact that they offer MATCHA as a base! YES! MATCHA! What? How does this work? I had to check it out for myself so here I am at Blue Bowl!

So their matcha base is light tasting and sorta sweet. Why? Of course I had to ask! Their matcha base is made of these components: coconut nectar, premium organic matcha, and filtered water.

How interesting! It goes great with all the nuts, oats and fruit toppings! I am definitely gonna come back a lot more times because of this matcha creation! YUM!

They have a variety of oats and nuts toppings including chocolate almonds, pumpkin seeds and hemp! Whoa!

They also have unique butters like cashew butter, almond butter and peanut butter. I went with the cashew butter which tasted smooth and nutty!

They also have powder at the end of this build-your-own bowl station including espresso powder, matcha powder, and cinnamon powder. I told them to dump that matcha powder on top as well!

So Kevin isn't a fan of acai bowls... at all. He had a bad experience with acai... it ain`t good when it's expired...which led to the toilet... let's just leave it at that.... haha

Anyway, good thing they have options like pitaya and matcha as their base! They also have hot chia pudding too which Kevin didn't really like. I enjoyed it though and we both agreed that the chia pudding tasted similar to "Chè" which is a Vietnamese dessert.

So since Kevin is madly in love with cinnamon anything, he asked if the staff could mix the cinnamon into the matcha. Now, the build-your-own station has the cinnamon powder at the end so it is unnatural to get it first and blend it in, so no one really thinks about it, right? So when the staff fulfilled our request, the result was pretty good! Cinnamon powder mixed in with the matcha is pretty good! Very cinnamon-y with a hint of matcha! Yum! Try it for yourself or just ask to sample it if you don't wanna commit!

Next time, I will also try asking to mix in some powder first. I'll get the matcha as my base... and ask them to mix in matcha powder with it... SO IT WILL BE SUPER MATCHA-Y! I think that would be good...right??

So instead of just getting one base, you can get multiple bases. It's completely customizeable up to your creative mind! And well, what you'd want to eat! You can get acai and matcha or pitaya and acai. You can have them mix it or just layer it up (might be better option).

Prices start at $7 and toppings are unlimited!

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Address to Blue Bowl: 417 S Main St, Orange, CA 92868
*Located right next to Nguyen's Kitchen which is next to Choc Hospital. Parking is awkward and limited.

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