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[GIVEAWAY] Stax Cookie Bar Is Your One-Stop Shop For Cookies, Ice Cream Rolls, Waffles and More!

Stax Cookie Bar is probably best known for their unique cookies which are baked fresh in-house everyday using non-gmo certified organic flour and other premium ingredients to make quality and delicious batches! 

But now, they've added a new favorite on the menu: the popular Thai Ice Cream Rolls!

This is the green tea and sesame flavored ice cream rolled! I got green tea mochi toppings and whipped cream! There is also matcha powder sprinkled on top of that!

Stax Cookie Bar is conveniently located across from the UCI Campus at the UTC! It's right next to Cha for Tea!

They also sell waffles too! Around $5-$8 for waffle with fruit and other toppings and drizzled with sauce!

Here is their other menu but there aren't any prices T__T. I thought it had prices but basically you can expect to spend about $7 and up for ice cream rolls, cookie sundaes, etc. 

The cookies alone are around $1.50 ishhhhh.

Here are their selection for their Smookies which are deep dish cookies! They add a scoop of ice cream on top! Reminds me of a pizookie from BJ's but with a bigger variety of flavors!

All the cookies... and then some are being baked in their oven too.

Kevin and I ordered an "ice cream roll burrito" which is unique to Stax Cookie Bar. It's a thai ice cream roll stuffed with more ice cream!

We got the chocolate flavor with bacon and choco chips ice cream burrito!

So after they prepped to make the roll they also scooped out some ice cream (not rolls) and mixed in bacon and chocolate chips. 

Now, just roll!

Yes! The ice cream burrito in the making! See how it's ice cream inside ice cream? ICE CREAM...CEPTION!

Topped with whipped cream and chocolate sauce!

We had to order some cookies too! I really liked thie oreo stuffed oreo cookie. I ate it the day after and it was chewy and soft without needing to heat it up.

Plenty of ice cream flavors to choose from!

I wanna eat my ice cream burrito meow!  hehe...

Cheers to a cookie good time!

I actually remember comparing Stax to Diddy Riese near UCLA when it first opened. To me, it was like the "Diddy Riese" of UCI except with better cookies compaerd to Diddy Riese, known for cheap cookies and ice cream. Stax boasted of all organic cookies with artisan flavors including bacon, black sesame, salted caramel, Mexican chocolate, chai tea and more. 

When I tried it during it's early stages, I wasn't impressed. I thought, this is an overpriced hard cookie. I was also on a college budget (still kinda am though).

But I gave it another chance recently and discovered that many things has changed. The wide variety of cookie flavors still remain the same, but the selection of desserts has evolved. 

I was pleasantly surprised that my maple bacon cookie, snickerdoodle, and stuffed oreo cookies were actually chewy and soft and tasted accurate in flavor. Good job Stax!

At around the same time Stax opened, so did Snow Monster - also known for cookie ice cream sandwiches. Who will win? Who is better? I had this inner debate after trying both and decided that you go to each spot depending on your cravings. 

Stax has more cookies. Snow Monster's cookies now are almost obsolete. I don't even know if they make cookies anymore. But they are better known for macaron ice cream sandwiches now. 

So, it really just depends if you want cookies or macarons! 

But STAX didn't stop differentiating itself from the populated food scene at UTC. They've added more to the menu now like waffles, smookies (similar to pizookies), and ice cream rolls.

Ice cream rolls are so trendy now. It's like the fad that keeps popping up everywhere like poke shops. So when Stax decided to add ice cream rolls, they didn't just stop there. They also added ice creamRITOS a.k.a. ice cream "burritos".

You can either choose ice cream rolls (which may be so last year now) or order ice creamritos if you want ice cream inside ice cream!

There are also duo flavors which is creative! It's ice cream rolls with two flavors layered on top of each other so when rolled, it's a different flavor / layer on the outside and inside.

  • Green Tea & Black Sesame Ice Cream Roll topped with green tea mochi and whipped cream
    • around $7
    • I didn't like the whipped cream. It didn't go well with the ice cream for me. Will opt out of that one next time. The whipped cream just tastes sorta... watery? Idk... 
    • Black sesame flavor overpowered the green tea. Kevin didn't even taste any green tea but I felt like there were hints of green tea somewhere
    • I like how the rolls are thick and... sturdy?
  • Bacon Chocolate Chip Ice CreamRITO - chocolate ice cream rolls filled with bacon flavored ice cream + bacon bits and chocolate chip mixed in
    • around $8
    • The bacon flavor was strong throughout
    • a lot a lot of chocolate chips!
    • a lot a lot of bacon bits!
    • Kevin isn't a fan of bacon ice cream but I loved it!
  • Cookies 
    • around $1.50 each or so (sorry I can't remember)
    • snickerdoodle - could be more cinnamon-y 
    • stuffed oreo - there are oreos everywhere in every bite! would recommend this! 
    • Maple Bacon - very soft and bacon flavor was obvious throughout. Love the bacon bits too
    • all cookies were soft and chewy just how I like it!

Whenever I see ice cream rolls, of course I gotta compare. There are other well known ice cream roll shops like Chelo Creamery in Rowland Heights and Rollin` Creamery in Fountain Valley. 

So... Let's compare!

  • Stax is more expensive than Rollin` and Chelo for arguably the same amount of ice cream
  • Chelo has a better variety of toppings like Pocky and koala bear crackers for similar pricing
Wait Time:
  • Don't even go to Chelo if you are dying to eat ice cream. It'll probably take an hour because they only have 2 ice plates to make the rolls and is always crowded
  • Rollin` Creamery is the victor here. They specialize in ice cream rolls so expect to get yours in about 15 minutes after ordering if its crowded
  • Stax has 2 ice plates to make the rolls. It's still new so I think the staff just needs to work on order organization and efficiency. But it was less than 15 minutes for sure!
Flavors / Topping Variety
  • Each place actually has a very different flavor spectrum!
  • I like how Stax has classics (strawberry, vanilla, mango, cookies & cream, etc.) and Asian flavors (green tea, ube, thai tea, sesame etc.)
  • Uniques at the others: Chelo has girl scout cookies and matcha and Rollin` had Vietnamese Coffee and Strawberry Cheesecake

Stax does definitely change the game with their ICE CREAMRITOS though so props on their creativity!

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4187 Campus Dr
Ste M174
Irvine, CA 92612

(located at the University Town Center across from University of California, Irvine)


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