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My Favorite Type of Roses are...Ice Cream! @ Milky Bee Ice Cream - Myeongdong

Location: Myeong-dong Shopping District
How To Get There: Walk out from the Myeong-dong exit of Myeong-dong station from Seoul Subway Line No. 4. 

The only roses I'll accept are Strawberry, Chocolate, and Green Tea flavored. And Milky Bee Ice Cream has got `em. This shop is known for it's milk ice cream with a chunk of real honeycomb served on top. But that's not why the lines are so long at the Myeong-dong station.

I've only been to the Hongdae and Myeong-dong location but out of these two, only the Myeong-dong location sells these guaranteed-to-swoon-your-girlfriend-over rose shaped ice cream! They offer a variety of flavors and scoop them out in a rose shape and serve them on cones. All of them look so beautiful and just too nice to eat!

They have a one-day special going and after having been to Myeong-dong twice in the same week, it's actually probably an everyday special since I saw it again. The special is if you get the two colored rose that's yogurt and strawberry flavored, it's only 3,800 won compared to the original price of 5,500 won! That's about $3.23 usd! Not bad for an edible rose that's unique and insta-worthy.

The ice cream itself didn't melt that fast which allowed me to take like 2562762 selfies and photos of it before I decided to lick it into a cone-ish shape (photo is above). The flavor was strong just how I like it! Especially, the green tea tasted rich and real! Because of it's rose shape, you'd end up tasting all the flavors at once.

They have 4 choices of roses:

  • strawberry + green tea + chocolate (the one I got)
  • strawberry + yogurt + chocolate
  • strawberry + green tea
  • strawberry + yogurt 
  • Two flavors (2 colors): 5,500 won ($4.68 usd)
    • Except for the "one day special" which is only 3,800 won ($3.23 usd)
  • Three flavors (3 colors): 6,000 won ($5.11 usd)
    • the rose I got was 6,000 won
  • Special Set: 
    • strawberry + yogurt + chocolate rose PLUS Milky Bee Ice Cream (with the honeycomb chip) for 10,500 won ($8.94 usd)

Of course they have other stuff on the menu like the milk ice cream with other toppings but let's be real here... you  can find those anywhere nowadays in Korea but THE ROSE ICE CREAM?! That's a Must Try! ^__^

The line may seem long but it actually moves fast!

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