The other day I went into 7/11 to buy myself a yummy bento for dinner. Once I got to the checkout, I SAW ATTACK ON TITAN GOODIES! OMG!! I LOVE ATTACK ON TITAN!

I probably spent another 20 minutes just looking at it all and deciding which to get.

I WANTED SO MUCH. IT WAS 50% OFF ALL ATTACK ON TITAN GOODIES. I guess because they have to make room for new goodies (they have that Basketball anime themed stuff now)

Anyways, about 20 minutes later...maybe even 30 minutes of awkwardly standing near the checkout area, I finally decided to buy one of the pencil cases (I think it's a pencil case) which comes with Cola flavored Hi-chew inside!

I ate all of it in one sitting...

If you haven't tried hi-chew before, it's basically like Starburst but better. It's soft and chewy but isn't as sticky as a Starburst so the chances of you saving some for later in one of the corners of your teeth is pretty unlikely.

ATTACK ON TITAN LIVE-ACTION MOVIE DEBUTS IN JAPAN AUGUST 1, 2015. I am soooooo excited to watch it in Japan!