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ADDRESS: 1585 Sepulveda Blvd. Suite H Torrance, CA 90501

(all photos are screenshots from their official website

So this new restaurant claims to be the "The 1st Beignet Fills + Sugarcane Fusion Cafeteria!" and just recently opened up in Torrance this past week I believe! Anywho, usually I would just add this onto my Places Untasted page but because I reaaaally want to go to it, I thought of bringing it to your attention! 

So why do I reaaaaally wanna try it? Well the answer is pretty simple: crawfish beignets

I've heard all the hype over crawfish beignets from Brenda's French Soul Food which is located in San Francisco and just the uniqueness of beignets stuffed with crawfish is enough to warrant a trip to San Fran (and also because I've never been there since the age of 5...) for me. However, ever since I heard about BenYAY! I thought, "Finally! There's a crawfish beignet place down in SoCal! Finally all the cool unique stuff are coming down to SoCal to me!" 

In addition to the unique and popular crawfish beignets, BenYAY! also offers other beignets stuffed with creative fillings such as pizza, garlic chicken, macaroni and cheese, sticky mango (Thai inspired?!), chocolate taro, and etc! As for drinks they have concocted different classic teas with an actual sugarcane dipped inside the drink! Whoa... pretty cool right?

I hope I can visit this place soon and try the crawfish beignet! And hopefully it would be just as good and a nice alternative to Brenda's French Soul Food's crawfish beignet because I don't have the time and money to travel up to San Fran anytime soon ^___^

If anyone has tried it, let me know and leave a comment!

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