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Hey Taste Bud!

I wanted to let you know that I appreciate any comments or suggestions or recommendations! I am only one person running this blog and it is quite a handful at times. I want to share so much with y'all but then I also love eating and sleeping, too. As much as I want to post on the blog, sometimes I become M.I.A. due to being busy with school and work! Ahhh, the reality! Although I am constantly browsing Yelp, Instagram and much more as well as being observant with my surroundings (not all new restaurants / deals are online!) in order to discover new places and deals, I cannot catch them all!

So if you have any food recommendations or advice, please let me know! I am not an expert so I appreciate any input! Orange County I can get by pretty well, but when it comes to the 626 area and even West LA and East LA area, I become a total tourist! Any help would be wonderful!

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Thanks a bunch ❤ !


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