Here is a photo of the Ube flavored ice cream with an ube cookie all inside an ube waffle cone! Ube everything!

Inside Skup specializes in making their own cookies which are totally delish by the way. Personally, I love their cookies more than the ice cream because it's so soft and chewy and yummy. This deal is giving away free ice cream so if there's a flavor you wanted to get you pumpin` for the new semester, now is the time to get it for free!

They offer ice cream cookie sandwiches, ice cream brownie sandwiches, unique waffle cones such as ube and thai tea and more! 

I personally love their captain crunch peanut butter cookie. It's so melt in your mouth good. The Thai Coconut bars are a must-try as well and kind of reminds me of  the Vietnamese "banh bo" that's brown on the outside but green on the inside. 

Inside Skup is conveniently located right across from CSUF but if you're not walking from campus, then parking can be a bit of a pain. It's 1 hour with validation from Inside Skup but if you walk next door to 85 degrees and kindly ask for their validation instead, it's 2 hours free. 

But anyways, the deal is on the ice cream so let's talk about that. I recommend the mint because that's always good. Cookies and cream is a classic. They also have Thai Tea, Green Tea and Ube flavors too! 

There are many other flavors I can't remember so let's just say y'all got a lot to choose from!

The deal is one scoop per person to anyone that comes in on January 25th and 26th from 12pm to 3pm! There will be giveaways and raffles so if you're a Titan, why not? 

Address: 575 N. Commonwealth  Ave. Fullerton 

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